Create organization

Create a new AWS organization and initialize a minimum organization configuration file in organization/organization.yml.


tkm org create [--feature-set <FEATURE_SET>]

Positional arguments

This command has no positional arguments.


In addition to the common options, this command has the following options.

  • --feature-set <feature set>

    • Optional.

    • Specifies the feature set supported by the new organization.

    • Allowed values are:

      • ALL = Enable all features (default).

      • CONSOLIDATED_BILLING = All member accounts have their bills consolidated to and paid by the master account.

IAM permissions

These are the minimum IAM permissions required to run this command.

  - Effect: Allow
      - iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole
      - organizations:CreateOrganization
    Resource: "*"


Create a new organization with default feature set, which is ALL.

tkm org create

Create a new organization with ALL feature set.

tkm org create --feature-set ALL

Create a new organization with CONSOLIDATED_BILLING feature set.

tkm org create --feature-set CONSOLIDATED_BILLING

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