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Deploy accounts

Deploy infrastructure configured with config sets to the specified organizational units and accounts.


tkm org accounts deploy [ou-path...] \
[--account <account_id>]... \
[--concurrent-accounts <number>] \
[--config-set <config-set>] \
[--command-path <command-path>]

Positional arguments

  • ou-path...
    • You can pass one or more organizational unit paths to deploy only the accounts that belong to organizational units located under the given paths in the organization hierarchy.


In addition to the common options, this command has the following options.
  • --account <account id>
    • Choose accounts to deploy. You can use this option multiple times to specify more accounts.
  • --concurrent-accounts <number>
    • Number of accounts to deploy concurrently.
  • --config-set <config-set>
    • Teardown only this config set.
    • Optional.
  • --command-path <command-path>
    • Teardown only stacks under this command path.
    • Optional.
    • To use this option, also the --config-set option must be given.

IAM permissions

These are the minimum IAM permissions required to run this command.
- Effect: Allow
- organizations:ListRoots
- organizations:ListTargetsForPolicy
- organizations:ListAWSServiceAccessForOrganization
- organizations:DescribePolicy
- organizations:ListPolicies
- organizations:ListAccountsForParent
- organizations:ListAccounts
- organizations:DescribeOrganization
- organizations:ListOrganizationalUnitsForParent
Resource: "*"
# IAM permissions needed to assume role from the target accounts.
# Specify resource to restrict access to specific roles.
- Sid: IAM
Effect: Allow
- sts:AssumeRole
Resource: "*"


Deploy all accounts in the organization.
tkm org accounts deploy
Deploy only accounts that belong to the organizational unit Root/Sandbox or to any organizational units under it.
tkm org accounts deploy Root/Sandbox
Deploy only accounts that belong to the organizational unit Root/Apps/Dev or Root/Apps/Test, or to any organizational units under them.
tkm org accounts deploy Root/Apps/Dev Root/Apps/Test
Deploy only account 123456789012.
tkm org accounts deploy --account 123456789012
Deploy only account 123456789012 and 777777777777.
tkm org accounts deploy \
--account 123456789012 \
--account 777777777777