List accounts stacks

List stacks from accounts.


tkm org accounts list-stacks [ou-path...] \
  --config-set-type <config-set-type> \
  [--account <account_id>]... \
  [--concurrent-accounts <number>] \
  [--config-set <config-set>] \
  [--command-path <command-path>]

Positional arguments

  • ou-path...

    • You can pass one or more organizational unit paths to list stacks only from the accounts that belong to the organizational units located under the given paths in the organization hierarchy.


In addition to the common options, this command has the following options.

  • --config-set-type <config-set-type>

    • List stacks that belong to a config sets of this type.

    • The provided config set type must be either standard or bootstrap.

  • --account <account-id> | -a <account-id>

    • Choose accounts to from where to list stacks. You can use this option multiple times to specify more accounts.

  • --concurrent-accounts <number>

    • Number of accounts to process concurrently.

  • --config-set <config-set>

    • List only stacks that belong to this config set.

    • Optional.

  • --command-path <command-path>

    • List only stacks under this command path in the config set specified with the --config-set option.

    • Optional.

    • To use this option, also the --config-set option must be given.

IAM permissions

These are the minimum IAM permissions required to run this command.


  # IAM permissions required for the organization master account.
  - Action:
      - organizations:DescribeOrganization
      - organizations:DescribePolicy
      - organizations:ListAWSServiceAccessForOrganization
      - organizations:ListAccounts
      - organizations:ListAccountsForParent
      - organizations:ListOrganizationalUnitsForParent
      - organizations:ListPolicies
      - organizations:ListRoots
      - organizations:ListTargetsForPolicy
    Effect: Allow
    Resource: '*'
    Sid: organizations
  - Action:
      - sts:AssumeRole
    Effect: Allow
    Resource: '*'
    Sid: sts
  # IAM permissions required in each organization account.
  - Sid: IAM
    Effect: Allow
      - sts:AssumeRole
      - cloudformation:ListStacks
    Resource: "*"  


List stacks from every account.

tkm org accounts list-stacks --config-set-type standard

List stacks from accounts that belong to the Root/Workload organizational unit.

tkm org accounts list-stacks ROOT/Workload --config-set-type standard

List all stacks from accounts 123456789012 and 210987654321

tkm org accounts list-stacks \
  -a 123456789012 210987654321 \
  --config-set-type standard

List stacks from every account that belong to bootstrap config sets.

tkm org accounts list-stacks --config-set-type bootstrap

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